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chatty gypsy cards

With this big layout of 36 cards, you'll get answers to all your questions, can be perfectly explained your general situation.
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What is your destiny?

Do you want a radical change in your life?  Are you facing a big challenge or opportunity?

With the help of the cards you will get a full analysis which gives you a glimpse into the secrets of the future, you will understand when it is time to change or when is the right time for a decision. The cards also show you the obstacles that can be overcome with a small amount of self-knowledge, whether it is financial, work, or relationship. 

With a unique love reading, you can understand if the other person loves you back, his thoughts and feelings about you in a spiritual level. What is the motive for the breakup, the obstacles you have, and the real reason you feel insecure in the relationships? What disturbing factors hinder the relationship, or what you can do to get the helping energies? Also, their thoughts about you in present and future. 

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Inside this package is a fine collection of 36-top quality, hand-crafted tarot cards. Each card comes with its own particular story to tell and message to portray. If you are a fan of this kind of card style, or you would like to try it out, then this creative and charismatic set offers the best possible opportunity for you to do so.
With a fine blend of both totem animals as well as authentically inspired Gypsy cards, this makes it easy for you to carry off a more symbolic meaning moving forward. The artistic depth of the cards only helps to further portray the story that lies in wait for you in the future!
All cards are designed to be both applicable to certain situations, and to be appealing to animal lovers. Each card holds an animal with a representation of what that animal could mean in the context of the lives that we lead, too.
Complex and charismatic design style makes these stand out from the crowd like never before.
Top quality handmade artistry that helps to really sell the story behind every card.
Context-driven meanings which are designed to help inspire rather than cause shock.
36 cards, all covering various different parts of the traditional tarot card deck.
All boxes arrive with a booklet and a travel pouch for each storage and selection.

Gypsy spread

This is a simple, fast spread that provides a detailed answer to your question. It's a linear spread, read from left to right. The central card is giving you the main theme. It is more significant than the other cards. The question was: What he ought to do to change his occupation?

So the central card was negative, this implies to me that he is uncertain about what he needs to do to develop his business. He has vulnerabilities about the general business and the course to take it in. 

Perusing the 5 cards together to build a story

Tought+Gift demonstrates business achievement. The cards are responding to the question asked, and it demonstrates that he can develop his business and be a success.

Gift+Some money demonstrates that success is unreliable. The Gift is to one side of the Some money (the left side)  disclosing that things aren't clear right at this point. 

Some money+ Judge shows that once things clear up, there will be a period that is more steady so he can use his experience and learn to develop the business. He needs some rest to have some clarity.

Judge+Fortune indicate that he will develop his business effectively. He's in somewhat of a holding pattern at this time gaining moderate ground, yet he will surely get there. He should have patience and recall that he has the experience and know-how to make it function. 

Summary: Developing his business will depend on his abilities, experience, and intelligence. He has the ability to succeed. He just have to have patience, and maybe consider taking a vacation to rest and regroup so he can handle the task in front of him with fresh mind. In the event that he can discover somebody to guide him (judge) he can make progress all the more rapidly.

Gypsy spread
Pick a card that will represent the person (male or female). Shuffle the cards well. Ask the Inquirer (the person you are telling fortune to) to choose 3 cards. 
The top row: representing the inquirer thoughts The 9 and the 3 cards is showing what the future holds 4 and 10 cards: what's happening now. The last row is representing the past.

Spread with Five Cards 

This spread is for the most experienced cartomancers, as one has to be able to see five cards as one. 
Card meanings:

The progression of our life, our personal evolution, has its happy turning points. In a general sense this cards represents our skills, talents, as well as material gifts we may receive, and it also means endearment. 
Reversed meaning: illusion, difficulties in everyday life, hard times.

The card is far more than a symbol of marriage; it stands for two people's enduring, deep commitment, be it a person or a cause – anyone or anything to whom or which we have whole-heartedly pledged ourselves to.
Reversed meaning: broken relationship, lack of trust or commitment. 

The card can denote movement, communication or a short trip to a nearby location, a message delivered verbally, or even a smaller amount of money arriving by mail. 
Reversed meaning: misunderstanding, bad communications, misinformation.

The card can represent actual physical ailment or inner conflict. It shows that we have reached an impasse, a stagnant negative state, causing the mind in turmoil to more easily succumb to or  escape to illness. 
Reversed meaning: strength and stability, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Official with the right to exercise power, to rule over us. The card can represent legal procedures. As an abstract concept, it can stand for clear judgment.
Reversed meaning: foolish behavior, not showing careful thought or good judgement, lack of clarity.

The card represents the individual’s conflict with the outside world. Needless to say, such conflicts arise from inner tension, issues with one’s self.  
Reversed meaning: patience, to make the best of a bad situation.

Symbolizes loyalty, honesty, devotion, sticking by someone through thick and thin.
Indicates true friendship, trust, reliability, and can stand for a gentle, loyal companion.
Reversed meaning: cheating, lack of trust, self/confidence. Perhaps ending a long term friendship. 

An indicator of ephemeral, superficial relationships, or obligatory social events. Next to certain other cards it denotes uncertainty, contingency.
Reversed meaning: certainty, loneliness, absence of social events. 

The card often denotes a secret admirer, or a man with whom the querent (if female) has a secret relationship. In a more abstract manner the card can speak of a secret plan, or a percolation of a new idea. 
Reversed meaning: reckless decisions, incapable of coming up with new ideas.

The card can be a literal symbol for a child, either a boy or a girl. In an abstract sense it represents our inner child, our naive, untainted, primordial nature. 
Reversed meaning: narrow mind, fear of new things, childish behavior.

The card is also known as "God's Eye", meaning that we are watched over and our actions are guided from above. In the company of negative cards it shows that we are stuck in a rut, things are stagnant. 
Reversed meaning: instability, unable to accept the fate

Represents not only jealousy, but fear, anxiety, indecisiveness and mistrust as well. We can become addicted to our own negative thought processes, and get caught up in a downward spiral. 
Reversed meaning: self confidence, trust in a relationship, self-assertion.

The card refers to a secret enemy, an ill-wisher or bitter rival,  who is not attacking us openly, but is looking to deceive or hurt us in an underhanded manner. 
Reversed meaning: clear vision, good and trusted friends.

The negative aspect is obvious. Something has come to an end. The card can also symbolize that something is “death-proof”, meaning, for instance, that a constructive relationship or positive situation we are currently in is to last until the grave. 
Reversed meaning: "Nothing is sure everything is possible",  continuation.

Lies, cheating, insincerity, something or a host of things having gone awry, a sign indicating that things may not turn out as we would hope or expect.
Reversed meaning: honesty and straightforwardness.

The card symbolizes large amounts of money, the “riches of the Earth”, and promises a financially secure future.
Reversed meaning: worthless, or poverty, financial insecurity.


Denotes a long overseas journey, but only when accompanied by Journey. It can also symbolize our inner longing, the unconscious anticipation of a forthcoming life-changing event. However, the card also warns us that our dreams will only come true after a long wait and many sacrifices. 
Reversed meaning: short term, short trip, something will happen very soon.

The card signifies the querent herself, if she is a woman. If the querent is a man, it denotes the love of his life, his One and Only.
Reversed meaning: the person is not the right partner.
Symbolizes communication, news - usually in the form of the written medium, such as e-mail or letters, even parcels. Depending on the surrounding cards it can denote official communication or a love letter. 
Reversed meaning: disconnection, lack of communication.

The soldier is also known to embody all the masculine qualities, such as courage, heroism, an unwavering sense of duty, and reliability. To today’s modern reader, however, the card no longer necessarily denotes a uniformed man, but simply a dark-haired man. 
Reversed meaning: selfish, immature, self-centered person.
At it’s most basic it symbolizes home, the warmth and security of the hearth. It also represents tradition, values instilled in us by our parents, our spiritual and material heritage. 
Reversed meaning: insecurity, unsettled lifestyle, free spirited person, lack of attachment


Denotes an older woman, who could be the asker’s mother, mother-in-law or older female relative or friend. Depicting a woman on her own, divorced, detached, looking inward, the card can also be a symbol for independence. 
Reversed meaning: fear of loneliness and lack of faith. Distress about the future.


Signifies an older man, father, father-in-law or older male relative or friend, possibly a man from the asker’s past, or some such man who has passed away or is currently in the asker’s life but is stuck in the past.
Reversed meaning: loneliness, isolation, lack of faith.


Denotes love, affection, a strong emotional bond. The meaning is enhanced when the card is drawn next to the Ecclesiastic or Constancy, and is weakened in the company of negative cards, and also Visit.
Reversed meaning: a person who has difficulties of emotional bonding, dislike


Symbolizes fortune, an optimistic outlook, successful enterprise, the fulfillment of our plans. When this card is drawn, we can be assured we are on the right path, there will be no obstacles. Our dreams will come true.
Reversed meaning: bad luck, there won't be any change in fortune.


The card signifies the asker himself, if he is a man. If the asker is a woman, it denotes the love of her life, her One and Only.
Reversed meaning: the person is not the right partner.


Denotes a fair-haired woman who is sensitive, vulnerable, artistic, and insecure. This is the companion card for Thought. In an abstract sense it denotes sadness, a turbulent emotional state and solitude.
Reversed meaning: harmony with yourself, sadness will be replaced by happiness.

The card is a warning of someone thieving us, either in the material or metaphorical sense, by stealing our ideas or trying to tempt away someone important to us. It can also denote envy, the emotion that is the trigger for all types of thievery. 
Reversed meaning: warning, be conscious and vigilant.

Denotes overseas, or mid-length travel. It can also be saying that someone or something (designated by the neighboring card) is “on the way” towards the Asker. 
Reversed meaning: absence of settlement and stability.

Unexpected joy
This card denotes unexpected material gain such as an inheritance we didn’t know about, or some type of a win. The opposite of Misfortune, it symbolizes something good coming into our life.
Reversed meaning: inability to be happy.

This card can be interpreted as a personal card: if the questioner is a man, then it often denotes the woman he is in awe of and whose heart he wants to capture. (For women, drawing the Officer means the same thing.) 
Reversed meaning: disharmony, insensitivity, detachment. 

Primarily denotes monetary loss, but it can also mean that we feel like we have lost/are losing something. (This loss does not concern us, rather the person symbolized by the card next to it.) 
Reversed meaning: self-advancement in the long run.

Celebration, parties, happy life-events, joyful gatherings with friends and family. We can expect pleasure, an emotional recharge and a positive outcome.
Reversed meaning: unhappiness, seclusion, isolation.

The card warns of unexpected danger, misfortune, collapsing of an existence; a massively negative event that will catch us unaware. It could simply be saying that we’re feeling luckless or broken. It is up to us to contemplate what the card is trying to tell us at the moment of the reading.
Reversed meaning: problem has been resolved.
Little Money
Limited financial possibilities, poverty, daily fiscal difficulties. Denotes failure in our attempts to remedy our unfavorable budgetary situation. 
Reversed meaning:being relatively well.

Denotes a priest, pastor, spiritual leader or other master. As a concept, it symbolizes devoutness, a firm commitment to beliefs, faith, piety, complete immersion in spirit. It also signifies divine justice, by which we all meet the inevitable consequences of our actions. 
Reversed meaning: inability to accept the faith. 

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